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Jeffrey's very first play was entitled "Why Moss Grows On the North Side of Trees" which he wrote while still in high school.  The story was even turned into a short 8mm film staring Jeff's older brother and cousin. Because the film camera had no sound, Jeffrey recorded the voices and sound effects onto a cassette which had to be perfectly timed with the video.  The short film still survives (minus the cassette) but because Jeffrey cannot find an 8mm projector, it hasn't been seen in more than 30 years.

Jeffrey Lovett is a Georgia-based playwright and novelist who has published a variety of short and full-length plays and fiction novels and short stories.  His theatrical works have been performed in more than 40 of the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East.  A 1984 graduate of the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, Jeffrey has worked as an actor, director and playwright in community and professional theatre for more than twenty five years.  He has also taught several classes and seminars in creative writing with an emphasis on stage plays in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.  An avid writer, Jeff recently completely a three volume fiction series entitled The Handlings and is currently working on a theatrical musical play based on The Wizard of Oz that features an elderly Dorothy returning to Oz to retire with her friends, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. He resides in Cairo, Georgia with his wife and three teenage children and is the owner of WGRA Radio.