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The Invasion was loosely based on a scene from the movie Rambo. In the movie, Rambo is trapped in a deserted mine located in the moutains of the Pacific Northwest.  There is a funny moment when the town's National Guard is called out to pursue and kill Rambo and after getting him trapped in the mine, the 'citizen soldiers' refuse to get anywhere near Rambo, knowing that they are unprepared for facing a real, trained soldier. 


Little Known Fact about the Play:  One of Jeffrey's favorite characters in the play is a 'stoner' pizza delivery boy named Adam who is patterned after the character Jeff Spicoli, played by Sean Penn in the movie.

The Invasion

It seems like just another typical weekend of duty for the members of the National Guard Armory in the fictional Texas border town of Dermont. And that usually means cleaning their guns, having some rifle practice and then sitting around the Armory eating pizza and listening to the ballgame. At least until they hear a strange report on the radio that the Mexican Army is about to begin a full-scale invasion of their small town. The local unit only has four guardsmen and none of them has ever seen actual combat. As they rush around trying to first determine if what they heard is true and then attempting to prepare for possible battle, tensions rise and their true feelings about each other, their phobias and their fears start to emerge. This two-act comedy is a hilarious look at what happens to people when faced with their worst fears and the extremes that they will go to when their world is turned upside down.

Cast: 6 Adult Males

Set: Single Set

Length: 120 minutes


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