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Jeffrey Lovett began working at his father's radio station at the age of 12 where he used to have a Saturday 'Countdown' Show that featured him making up several funny voices and creating sound effects from objects in the studio.  This play harkens back to those old days of radio when Americans would tune in not to hear music but great stories performed by talented voice actors.

Little Known Fact:  Readers usually presume that the character of Vlad is based on the imfamous Vlad the Impaler who was the inspiration for Dracula.  But actually, the character of Vlad in Haunted Christmas was modelled after a foreign exchange student that Jeffrey' knew while in college at the University of Georgia who liked to wear a cape to class (true story!)

Haunted Christmas a short radio play written to be performed by voice actors and one or more foley artists.  The play tells the story of two young people whose car breaks down on the way to a Christmas Eve party. Hannah and Roger have no choice but to knock on the door of what looks like an abandoned mansion.  Inside, they meet Vlad Wellesley, the 13th master of Wellesley Manor and his butler, the hunchback Igor.  A sudden storm comes up (of course) and the young couple is forced to spend the night in the dark mansion. During dinner, Vlad tells the story of of how his ancient ancestor, Vlad the First, discovered Santa with a broken sleigh on the roof of the mansion on a similiarly stormy Christmas Eve more than two hundreds years previous. Helping him repair it and thus, saving Christmas, St. Nick had been visiting Wellesley Manor on Christmas Eve for more than 200 years to personally give gifts to its owner.  Hannah laughs at this story because she doesn't believe in Santa or Christmas.  But when the jolly old elf appears again at midnight and rattles off a list of every single gift Hannah has received for Christmas since she was a little girl, Hannah is convinced. 

Haunted Christmas is fun radio play that requires little or no rehearsals. It was specifically written for groups to call up a 'volunteer' from the audience to generate the sound effects during the show which, as the sequence becomes more and more complex, turns into something truly hilarious.

Cast:  2 Females, 6 Males (3 parts are non-gender specific), 1-2 Foley artists

Length:  35 minutes

Set:  None Required

Props:  Materials for creating sound effects


READ the Script Here