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As a child, Jeffrey Lovett was always the storyteller among his peers. His younger cousins would beg to sleep over just so they could hear Jeffrey make up stories about the old man who built his own coffin in the back room of the house (actually a true story) or the ghost that lived at the bottom of the creek next to the house.  This love for the fantastical stories woven for the imaginative minds of children has spawn several original tales that Jeffrey is only now just beginning to put down on paper.  Look for more Children's Fiction coming to this page soon!

One of Jeffrey Lovett's favorite types of fiction is children's fiction. Whether it is a play or short story, Jeffrey enjoys the way that young readers are much more open to the world of imagination. His current selection of Childrens fiction include:



The Princess With Laser Eyes who Saved the World in Two Minutes, a Novella

 The story of a young girl named Meredith who discovers on her seventh birthday that she has inherited the Gift from her father, the ruler of a small country country tucked in a valley high in the mountains called Aldelore.  As the protectors of their people, only the members of the Royal Family could possess the Gift at once. The super power was different with every generation but always arrived mysteriously on the seventh birthday of the first born child.  For Meredith, the power was the ability to shoot deadly lasers from her eyes.  Typically, this would not be an activity that a young girl might need. But for Meredith, it would prove vital to protecting the 987 Aldelorians from the Transyls, a race of creatures who hated the all Slyrvs. But unlike her father and all of her relatives before her, Meredith is not strong and when the Transyls sneak over the peaks to reign terror on Aldelore, she isn't ready.  Her people will be destroyed unless Meredith learns to control her great powers- and use them to stop the invasion.

Read the book here.