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The Blood Drive was written in one sitting by Jeffrey Lovett in the summer of 2012 after his daughter convined him to watch an all day marathon of the Twilight movies.  Jeffrey thought that the way the actors portrayed the characters was so melodromatic that they the movies tettered on the edge of a vampire parody, like Dark Shadows.  The play was written for Baker High School in Mobile, Alabama who wanted to perform a play where their every drama student in the program (more than fifty) would have at least one speaking part.

The Blood Drive

 Benjamin Harrison High School is home to all the typical teenaged cliques:  the Jocks, the Metalheads, the Nerds and Goths.  It’s also home to one group that’s not so typical:  Vampires.  It seems that a large coven of bloodsuckers have settled into Harrison High and are attempting to fit in by posing as regular student, a task that gets more and more difficult as their numbers grow.  Their leader, a 632 year old vampiress named Cordelia has been trying to keep her growing family not only hidden but alive. But winter is approaching and their supply of blood is dwindling.  The Family, as the group of more than twenty vampires call themselves, have to find a way to restock their winter stores without drawing attention to themselves.  They’ve tried everything from scraping up road kill to hoarding liver pills, but the hungry vamps need a much larger infusion of nourishment if they are to survive.  So, they devise a  radical plan.  The Family is going to sponsor a Blood Drive.  The plan is ingenious and just might provide the vampires with enough fresh blood to make it through the winter.  But just when the vampires think they’ve found an easy solution to their problem, a pack of werewolves show up.  And they’ve come to Harrison High with just one goal:  to steal the blood and kill the Family the only way they can.  Through starvation.  Poking fun at the popular vampires vs. werewolves theme, The Blood Drive is a large cast, fast-paced comedy that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats trying to guess who will make it out alive.  Or dead.  Or both.


Cast:  12 Females

           12 Males

           4-20 Extras

Staging:  No set required

Length:  100 minutes


Read the Script Here