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Q: How may plays has Jeffrey Lovett written?

A: Jeffrey Lovett is the author of twenty-one full length and short plays.


Q: Where have Jeffrey Lovett's plays been performed?

A: There have been amateur and professional performances of Jeffrey Lovett's plays in forty-two of the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East.  His play, OUR TEACHER IS AN ALIEN, was recently performed in Bangkok, Thailand.


Q: What was Jeffrey Lovett's first play?

A:  The first play Jeffrey wrote was in high school.  It was called the LEGEND OF THE NORTHERN MOSS and was filmed for a school project using an old 8mm movie camera that Jeffrey borrowed from the local library.  His brother, Gene, and cousin, Mary, were the stars of the play.  Although a copy of the old film resides in a cabinet in Jeffrey's bathroom, no know copies of he script exist.


Q: What is Jeffrey's favorite of all of his play?

A: SIMPLY DIVIDED is the play that Jeffrey not only thinks is his best work to date, but is one that makes an effort to see performed several times a year by community/professional theater companies across the U.S.  Jeffrey has seen the play performed more than twenty times.


Q:  What novels has Jeffrey written?

A: Jeffrey completed his first novel in 2008- a three volume fantasy series called The Handlings.  He is currently working on two novels, The Red Stain and The Excursion.


Q:  What about children's fiction?

A: Jeffrey has writen several children's stories including a short novella entitled The Pincesss With Laser Eyes Who Saved The World in Two Minutes. The book was actually written on a dare from a young girl who bet Jeffrey that he could not write her book in just one week.  The young girl told Jeffrey the title and he finished the 30,000 word novella in two days.