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Love on Mars is a light-hearted new play by Jeffrey Lovett that is perfect for community or youth theater. Fast and funny, the play examines what would happened if you became marooned on an alien planet with someone you hate.


The idea for this play came after Jeffrey watched a documentary on space travel that explored the problems with deep space exploration. One of the real worries that NASA has about visiting other planets is the isolation of the astronauts and how their relationships would be changed by long space voyages. The documentary looked at the subject very serioulsy. This play does not. Enjoy!

Love On Mars- new for 2013-2014


What happens when two strangers are forced to spend three years together on an alien planet?  Why, love of course.  Dirk McCoy has been training for nearly a decade to travel and live on Mars with another male astronaut. But when his partner is injured, there’s a last minute substitution on the crew. It’s not until the two astronauts are already in orbit that Dirk realizes that his crew mate is a woman. Dirk has never had much luck with women and has no intention of spending the next four years trapped inside a space capsule and then the tiny Mars base with a female.  But it’s too late to turn back. Dirk tries his best to hate his crew mate, an attractive scientist named Samantha Daniels, but the loneliness of space takes it toil and the two fall in love. It seems like the perfect union, just the two of them alone on an alien planet, but the passion soon wears off and the two astronauts begin to hate each other all over again.  Dirk and Samantha decide to split upon their safe return to Earth, chalking up the romance to the loneliness of space. But then NASA cancels the Mars Mission. There will be no return to Earth.  The two are now marooned on the alien planet and will grow old together in the small Mars base. That is, if they don’t kill each other first. 

Cast:  1 Male, 1 Female, 1 Voice-Over Actor

Length:  100 Minutes