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One of the persistent rumors surrounding the works of Shakespeare is that he did not actually write any of his plays.  Supporters of this theory claim that the famous bard lacked the education and familiarity with the English court to produce his works.  More than 80 different people have been pointed to as the real writers of plays such as Romeo and Juliet including Sir Francis Bacon and the 6th Earl of Derby.  

What do you think?  Did Shakespeare really write his plays or was he a fraud?

A New Youth Comedy in Two Acts

The Drama Club at Millard Fillmore High School performs nothing but Shakespeare.  No musicals, no light comedies- just Shakespeare, semester after semester. But when the Drama Instructor announces that the spring play will be Macbeth, the students have finally reached their breaking point. They can no longer put on tights and recite lines they don’t understand. They must cure their teacher of her obsession with Shakespeare once and for all.  So, they hatch a plan to destroy Macbeth and produce the worst play ever staged.  The students rewrite the script and hold secret rehearsals in anticipation of presenting one glorious night of rebellions mayhem.  Just as they are ready to take the stage, the Drama Instructor announces that a special guest will be attending the performance- a drama professor from State College who is awarding scholarships to promising young actors.  Will the group scrap their plans for mayhem and present a traditional rendition of Macbeth?  Or will they go through with their plans to make a mockery of Shakespeare and jeopardize their futures?  The Worst Play in the World is an hilarious twist on an old classic that will have former drama students wondering why they didn’t think of this first.

Genre: Youth Comedy Mashup

Length:  90 Minutes

Cast:  5 males, 4 females